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Gyoza Stadium: Osaka




I love gyoza. I love em’ in all shapes and sizes, too. But, I really love them just the way they are, plain…. And I wouldn’t be caught dead singing that tender love song by Billy Joel called“ I love you just the way you are” in public. I have been accused of talking and singing to myself in that way once before. Like when I was holding that gyoza in my chopsticks, up to the light, and then uttering those lyrics. The way I see it is that because gyoza is so popular, there should be a theme song for it.

(“I often tell “gfs” this. When it comes to make-up, less is best. The way you look every morning is the face I will see more of, not the made-up face. I want to appreciate your natural look just the way you are”).


Simple and natural.


Sometimes a little make-up is good - mayo. By the way, the meat used in this gyoza is cow tongue. Makes you wonder whether we can taste each other…



The gyoza stadium wasn’t hard to find at all as it’s located on a busy main street that I will list later.


Moving from cow to shrimp was a pleasant change for the better. In this pic below you see ebigyoza or shrimp gyoza.






There’s a hot plate underneath sizzling the gyoza.


These little small sized gyoza are called hitokuchi gyoza or bite size gyoza



Another delicious gyoza with mounds of green onion marinated in vinegar. This was very good.




This is a jumbo sized gyoza, so I only ordered one.

Last but not least. The large tall frosty mug.

In conclusion, rather than give my own opinions, I would like to spread some link love by introducing other blogs that have also blogged about this place.

Two of my greatest experiences with gyoza can be found here and here! Neither of these restaurants can be rivaled in my opinion.


First, there’s Cabel who’s a real gyoza aficianado and excellent writer. And then we have our favorite gaijin magazine Metropolis, which featured the Gyoza Stadium. Next up is Rameniac, which was a fun article to read.

Living in Osaka wrote up a brief intro. as well.


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