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Short Prose: Penetrating Mishima

The last samurai's belly that kissed the cold deadly iron tip of a Tantō , short sword, was dealt by Mishima Yukio’s own hands on November 25, 1970, in downtown Tokyo at 8:35am, after barricading himself in the National Defense headquarters in the company of his brothers and lover for all the world to see.

Why he chose this date is left up to speculation, but one could assume that since this act of sacrifice was before the world, and for the sake of suicidal glory, the association of which is similar to that date in history November 25th 1944, when the Kamikaze core was enacted by the emperor on “Kamikaze Day,” one could perhaps logically deduce that maybe it was this date in history coinciding with Mishima’s death by ritual disembowelment was chosen. It is also safe to assume that on this same date in history November 25th 1922, the Emperor Tenno was appointed Prince-Regent, which anointed him with enormous power and authority which set the stage for one of Japan’s darkest and most glorious hours. I don’t think this was the reason either. Why he may have chosen this date, I guess we’ll never really know.

And as quickly as Mishima Yukio was able to split his own belly completely open from side to side, looking up at his lovers desperate eyes, pupils fully dilated, awaiting the final blow to his head, a moment in time froze, body hunched over in pain. The first of many attempts was unsuccessful. Mishima kneeling there intestines beginning to protrude from his lower abdomen area, that part of his body that his boyfriend was all too familiar with back when he used to have spasms there upon gentle touch after gentle touch, now ravished in blood and bile and writhing in pain now instead of spasms of joy way back when…

Yes, it was an enormous undertaking but it took two strong men to completely sever his head from his body, ironically, though the man who upon seeing how pitiful Mishima’s lover was at the sword and the many failed swoops and the bludgeoning of Mishima’s nape, took it upon himself to complete the job of completely decapitating Mishima’s head himself. That man was one of the hostages, one of the captures whose office was besieged by Mishima’s men.

Mishima may have lost consciousness by the third blow to the back of the neck. Having a skilled swordsman to yield a very sharp sword properly , was hard to find. Mishima’s lover’s heart was pounding blood into his own head out of sheer horror, a mind numbing horror at his failure to decapitate his long time lover’s head, and the agony….ooh….the pain of waiting was far to excruciating to bare! The horror.

That day when Mishima was reborn through a violent death his soul was carried off by Fūjin, shinto god of wind, which gathered the remnants of Autumns splendor from a direction unknown, not even the dead and forgotten gods of ancient Greece who are hollowed in the sacred halls of the pantheon knew of such a cardinal direction. Had this wind ever existed before their time, time itself would’ve never known.

A swirl of brilliantly colored gold and red dancing Autumnal leaves collaged into one immense orb of energy hoisting Mishima’s soul off as the ancient bird of crane eerily called out to the heavens preparing a way for the ascension of another noble soul.

I often wonder what life would've been like had he failed to kill his body and his soul? Do you think he could've changed the hearts of his countrymen? Do you think he could've freed his own people from the oppression of Western obsession, by admonishing them to return to a balance of the arts and martial spirit? Or maybe even have redeemed the lost souls of Japan who fell to the disease of rampant Capitalism and majority rule Democracy?

On November 25th, a date that will live in my mind for a long time, was a date that sensationalized the will of one determined man who resisted the urge to be castrated, and resist the forces who told hime that he shouldn’t honor his own living god and the written laws of the Meiji Constitution. His sword and his god were his birth rites, and no Western power had the arrogant right to tell him otherwise.
Another reason why I think he may have chosen this date could be associated with the spread of Communism. November 25th 1936, Japan signed a treaty with Germany called the Anti-Comintern pact, which was put in place in order to resist the influence and the spread of the Comintern, or in other words, the spread of Soviet influence through-out that part of the world. Even according to Mishima's own philosophy Communism was considered incompatible with Japanese traditions, culture and history and even ran counter to the emperor system.

But I’m not to inclined to believe it was for this reason, neither am I inclined to believe it was the great earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on November 25th 1953 either. Maybe the millions of kamikaze that lay strewn across the Marianas seas knew of why….

Some may say he did it for love of country. Others, like myself, would say that he did it as a sacrifice for the nation and as a duty and a great honor unto himself. He was able to choose the place and style he wanted to die in. For some Japanese this is the greatest honor bestow upon a man, not lying stink in some sick bed and rotting waiting to die. Capitalism couldn’t provide him with any honor and Democracy couldn’t free his soul. He chose the way of his ancestors.

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