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Stamina Curry: バーグ

Last night a customer recommended a nice curry shop called Bagu(バーグ), which sells something called stamina curry.   Now there isn’t a lot of information out there that clearly defines where the stamina comes from.  My customer told me it comes from the garlic they add to the sauce that gives this curry its stamina claim.  So, I had to answer the call to duty and visit this place today.
From the Yokohama city subway line take Exit #6 at Isezaki-chojamachi station. 
You’ll immediately see a dentist off to your right as soon as you exit.  Keep walking straight down this street.
You’ll know you are headed in the right direction because you’ll be walking along  Yayoicho street, to which the street sign should always be on your left-hand side.
Last landmark is the red “P” sign you see off to your right.  Keep walking.
Here it is, on your right hand side walking from the station.  Total time from station to shop is 5 minutes on foot. 
If you decide to take the bus from Yokohama station board bus# 110 and get off at Isezakicho-chojamachi bus stop.  The bus stop is right in front of the subway station then follow the directions I just gave.  What I immediately noticed upon entering is the level of cleanliness and at how many customers were there.  I was impressed.  Many customs were salarymen and locals, women, and children.  There was even a line outside for take-out.
Just as this place was recommended to me I recommend it to my readers because if you like curry, chances are you’ll love this shop. 
The hardest part about ordering is choosing from all the different curry dishes!  I went with the local favorite called “stamina curry” with fried egg, you can opt for raw if you like.  The portion sizes are very generous.  This was the largest plate of curry I ever had in my life and as you can see I wasn’t able to finish it.  Average cost is between 750 to 1000 yen. They are open from 11 to 21:30 except Mondays.
I enjoyed this curry a lot, and could easily see myself returning in the future.  I ordered the largest size they had.  There are smaller portion sizes.  Another note.  The restaurant looked very clean and well maintained.  I requested a mild curry.  There is a spicier version available upon request.
Thanks for the recommendation Koji!
Final note: No English is spoken and no English menus are provided.  ph#045-242-3336


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