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Yume Akari Asabiraki: June Sake Swap

First and foremost I would like to thank my June Sakeswap partner R. Staehlin at Lostininaka for sending me this fantastic sake from Iwate prefecture called Yume Akari ( Dream & Light) by Asabiraki, which uses 100% Hito-Me-Bore from Iwate. Boy, I couldn't of asked for a better sake swap partner. May the good Samaritans wash his feet!

This Junmai- Daigenjyo is minus one sake level; amino acid 1.0 and acid level 1.3. This sake is smooth & fragrant; mild with a clean finish. The Toji's name who created this is Mr Masahiko Fujio, nambu Toji. Recommended food for this would be Shyabu Shyabu, sea scallops sautéed in butter, and tebasaki. Halleluya! Amen praise lord.

Lesson time:

According to the Toji (brew master) the name was inspired by the night lantern festivals of Asahikawa, in Hokkaido, but the spiritual essence of this sake is found in the people of Iwate, and the harmony of rice and water in the brewing techniques of the Toji who created this sake. The brewery where this sake was made is called Asabiraki and was named by a samurai named Genzo Murai who took his inspiration from an 8th century poem from the Nara period denoting blessing for a voyage.

In conclusion, I have been to the Nanbu Toji brewery in Iwate, and I have also travelled extensively throughout Iwate. I have tasted of Iwate’s legendary hospitality. I have felt the warmth of its people. I have drank from her chalice. I am familiar with the people and their rice. I have stayed in several of their finest hotels. And for me, this is what embodies the Soul of Iwate. These few pictures here:


Yume Akari (above pic)

asabiraki girl

Morning natural and simple Iwate beauty; natural smell, natural body, all natural. By the way, according to the Toji, this sake embodies three character attributes that are found in Iwatean women: しとやかなかおり - Calm, feminine, and assertive.


Airinkan Onsen of Iwate, Prefecture. One of the finest onsen ryoukans I have ever stayed in.

sannoiya rock

Sannoiya Rock of Iwate. Remember to click the links about for more explanation about the rice.

Thanks again Lostininaka and Andrew.


  1. Nice pics!!
    Keep up the hard work (Sake sipping) :)

  2. Thanks Chris! Bicep curls are hard.



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