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Blue Heaven


Sōkū Jukusei Junmai nama. Sōkū meaning “blue sky.”

I ordered this sake out of curiosity because another sake enthusiast, Ichibay, turned me on to it. He also mentioned about a mother rice grain varietal that was used to help develop Yamada Nishiki, which is a premium rice used for brewing high end sake. And then after doing some careful searching around I found someone else who did an excellent write up on this sake, but on another version of it written here by the Madame

My take on this nihonshu was one of amazement. Very smooth and delightfully soft on the palate filling the whole mouth, almost like cotton candy, very light nose and good overall texture and balance.

I’ve been imbibing on this sake for a couple of days now and have noticed that the flavor wanes just a bit, but that could be a good thing for some people who may find something else in the sake.

I am definitely interested in following up with the brewer on all of their new releases this Autumn, and would recommend this sake to anybody.


The sake cup of choice is one with a gold Japanese military star in the center. This is a rare sake cup sold by Rich over at his site here. With every good sake there’s a good cup.


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