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Houraisen of Aichi Prefecture

From Aichi Prefecture. Junmai Dai Ginjo.


According to True Sake

This "Ultra" Dai Ginjo (40%) that was cold aged for 2 1/2 years has a meaty nosed filled with rich fruit, rice, and hint of banana elements. Welcome to the "anti" Dai Ginjo that is not fruity and silly, rather it is a deep and expansive brew that has as much attitude as the fish on the label. Crisp and bright, yet round and plump - how did they do that? It is a semi-chewy brew with complex layers of flavors such as caramel, plums, figs, raisins, and a full-bodied acidity that rounds out the incredibly regal mouthful. If you like a Dai Ginjo with attitude and long finish that is robust and beefy reel this fish into your glass.

WORD: Rich WINE: Deep reds/Huge whites BEER: Huge ales FOODS: Complex cuisines, pate, cheese courses, smoked game. $120/720ml

I would like to expand a little more with my personal opinion: The Kuchi-atari (first taste) is explosive....rich fruit(nothing specific)....very strong lingering presents in the mouth spreading through-out every nook and cranny of your palate....just about what's considered neutral on the SMV at plus 3, so it has a pleasant sweetness....mild acidity.

angry fish

The sake cup used is sold and distributed by Rich, a fully licensed antiques dealer, over at his site called Japanese Imperial Sake Cups. The cup you see is one of kind with a helmet, flag, and cherry blossom.

angry fish1

And the 熟女 best paired with this sake would be this beauty since the name of the label is called “angry fish” in English. I though no better choice than to pair this sake with an samurai milf.

jukujo samurai


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