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Mayu’s Legs

Have you ever sat on the warm place a beautiful Japanese woman just indented on the trains narrow seat? “He gave her a hug, you were great too, you still have “dickie”** to do. If I could undo it all I would. Where would you begin? There was no place. Giving him courage. He lies down on the passenger seat in the car. Synthetic fabric of the car seat warmed by his cheek confided in him an ancient distant scent of vanilla" (John Updike 1932).

I make it a good habit to sit in many warm places whether it be on a train or in a bus, especially on hot and humid days where less dressed is best. From these warm places I gain inspiration and insight, and most of all enlightenment of the subject. Just the other day on the train, a young mother sat across from me. A picture perfect beauty, with her fair skin and toned thighs. Far too busy with her make-up to worry about me or anyone else for that matter. Her stop finally came, she got off, I moved over and sat in her warm indented seat. My imagination ran wild. “Wow!” I said to myself. My nose was immediately greeted by a scent of spring flowers and lemon grass. What healing. I savored the moment for as long as I could until my toes curled. My stop came and I got off.
Click Here! Exiting the ticket gate I was met by my new squeeze named Mayu;23; from Yamakita in Kanagawa; fair tofu skinned; perfect breast; tree trunk thighs. I met her in a supermarket after she rejected me on the first try. I scurried over to a corner somewhere to lick my wounds. Moments later our paths crossed again, and this time I went for the gusto. Full road block and halt! She just stood there. “Tongue don’t fail me now” I said to myself. I uttered a few rose colored lines to her, at least enough to get her to have coffee with me. She complied and we met, had coffee, exchanged e-mails, and met the following week for a brief twenty minute lunch. The next time we met after that was at the ticket gate in Motomachi and then off to the love nest we went.
Easier said than done? No and yes. I was frank about my intentions during our first lunch. For twenty minutes I had just told her what I wanted without coming off too strong, you know what I mean? I had told her it was absurd for a grown man and a woman to just walk around all day window shopping and pretending to be interested in the uninteresting.
I made the initial proposal “ next time we meet let’s get a room and just hold each other and talk. No sex is fine with me.” Her first reaction was one of confusion. “Hold each other? Talk tenderly? I have never experienced that before.” I rested my large well manicured warm Armani scented right hand gently upon hers and said “yes, that’s exactly what I mean.” And then our eyes met under the dimly lit lamp.
Sundays are expensive for rooms but it was okay we had nothing but time on our hands. I skipped breakfast that morning because of nervous anticipation; so many butterflies in my stomach that morning for some reason. Normally, I love chasing down Jukujo, but it’s summer and the young women are looking very delicious during this time of year so, I digressed a little. After awhile, all the mini-skirts and well toned thighs get to you and begin to drive you crazy.
We bathed together. Tongue went down into her ear while whispering sweet nothings through my lips and extended tongue. Instant tummy spasm. We both gazed down at her perky Mt. Fuji’s. I felt them in my hands and said to myself ” wow, this is youth!”
At any rate, it was time. We moved over to the bed, there we were, warmly embracing each other on silk sheets with her head neatly tucked away under my chin and neck. Micheal Jackson's "I just can't stop loving you," was playing through the Bose speakers on the wall, sub-woofer under the mattress sent thick bass tones up through our bed and body. And then, I had to examine the legs. Down I went.
What good strength, good firm and well toned thighs. I started from the ankle and followed the tonal lines of her well developed calves to her knee. Along the way, though, I admired the thickness in the lower leg itself. I tried to fit my hand around the calf, but couldn’t. My hands are not small and I could easily grip a basketball, though. When I finally reached the knee I was equally impressed at the smooth roundness of the knee cap and at how it neatly connected to the large quads. The hamstrings were taut and firm and are my favorite part of the human leg. Mayu’s was perfect. Another thing that was perfect and fully intact was her hymen!?
Footnote: Dickie- A slang in British English that means to sniff the back seat of a car or carriage.
In celebration for being her first, I went out and purchased this Nama sake by Ryu, which was brewed right here in Kanagawa. I asked the sake guy to give me something young and fruity and fresh for the summer, and he gave me this awesome sake. “This is Kanagawa!!” I said to myself.

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