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Seta Onsen of Tokyo

Seta Onsen


Located in the suburbs of Tokyo amidst concrete and old wooden buildings there's this really nice spa that was introduced to me by someone very special. A spa that not only is replete with just about everything you need for a nice relaxing afternoon, but also conveniently located just a few miles from city center, which is good for those who don't have a car. For me, I drove there and much to my chagrin the parking cost me 2000 yen, roughly the same price you pay for admissions to the spa itself – even after my ticket was validated. But aside from that I still recommend people try the place at least once.

Upon entering the spa I immediately noticed how clean the facility was; clean floors, everything was neatly organized. At the front desk staff perfunctorily handed out keys and maps while paying little attention to customers faces, I guess for them getting customers is a routine thing so I guess it wouldn't be exciting wearing the same smile over and over again. I guess it would become a bit mundane if you had to smile and greet all day, but then again this is Japan, but then again maybe it's changing whether I like it or not.

Like many spas, Seta Onsen has a massage corner, aesthetics salon, snack bar and a game corner. But the two thing that stuck in my memory the most were its delicious food and its incredible onsen water. Seta pumps out 400 liters of onsen water a minute at 46 degrees centigrade. The water has a heavy mineral content with about 12 different herbs and natural compounds which are reputed for their curative affects for a myriad of skin disorders and or diseases of the body. The water is also salty and astringent on the skin so don't sit too long, get up and walk around a bit to cool off.

Not only is Seta good for the solo traveler, but is also good for couples, too. Having several outdoor baths a couple, wearing bathing suits, can enjoy a nice relaxing time together overlooking Tokyo's skyline, and on a good clear day Mount Fujii can be seen right from the outdoor bath itself.

Another nice thing is that there's plenty of space. You don't get that crowded feeling that you experience at most spas. There's plenty of space with large baths and excellent atmosphere.

For 2300 yen, discounted on weekday mornings to 1700, you can use this onsen all day. Another great thing I noticed about this spa is the relaxation room, it's huge. There are a plethora of cots and sleepers that you can sleep on and aside from the occasional snorer you can get a great rest, and I don't mean overnight rest. Just a nice siesta for a few hours. Some English is spoken and their website is Phone number is 03-3707-8228. From Futamagawa you can take the free shuttle every 15 minutes.

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