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Asahiyama 300

Hailing from Niigata, the mother lode of sake, is Asahiyama 300, which in actuality is brewed by the same makers(Asahi Shuzo) of Kubota, a nationally recognized nihonshu that’s not only enjoyed here in Japan but also in North America.

Seimaibuai: 65%
Nihonshu-do: +5
Acidity: 1.2


Definitely has Niigata flavor characteristics:

Nose of strong koji, lots of alcohol  with mild flavor characteristics. Lots of umami, which in Japanese means “tasty” or” savory.”   The  finish though is very smooth.  Traditional.   This is also a Futsuu-Shu type, which means it has no special designation and has less than 70% polished rice.

Let’s drink it now.

This cup is a commemorative WW2 ocho-ko sold by Rich over at his amazing site



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