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Atsuta Hourai Ken of Nagoya!

Top eat in downtown Nagoya famed for its delicious Hitsumabushi Eel set as seen at Kikuko’s website, along with the name of the three toppings used for this cuisine. The number to the place is 045-671-8686! No English is spoken.
I love eel. It’s one of my favorite Japanese cuisines. I have eaten eel from all parts of Japan, and have had it served to me in many different ways. The best tasting eel for me is when it’s grilled or broiled until it’s light and crispy and dipped in a heavily sweetened miso/shoyu sauce, then served in small portion sizes over hot rice.
Before heading down to Nagoya I had researched for weeks in advance for the best spots for this cuisine. As I was searching through different sources, faint memories of my time in Shizuoka surfaced in my mind when I was at a restaurant somewhere, I can’t remember exactly where, though, but it was somewhere in Shizuoka. The place served some excellent eel and it was at this place I discovered grilled eel that had a crispy texture to it. It was awesome!
Four hour wait!
Classic traditional style Japanese house/restaurant.
The set. At the top there’s a bowl with three different toppings.
You’re supposed to divide the eel up in quarters then place a portion of it in the small bowl to the left then add one of the three toppings. There are three toppings.
I also ordered up a rare specialty eel & egg wrap.
Excellent. Everything was just perfect. If I could’ve only eaten the eel as it was, that would’ve sufficed – it was that good. Plus the four hour wait should tell you something. There are three such restaurants like this one with equally delicious hitsumabushi cuisine.
I love Nagoya!


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