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Chronicle of a Jukujo

I broke and finally gave in and decided to go to hip hop club a while back with a friend. While on my way to meet him I came across a lovely Jukujo class woman named Satomi and from there is where the real journey began.

The club scene anywhere can be a bit overwhelming for me; the excessively loud music, stuffy atmosphere, and expensive drinks can take its toll on anyone. I mean, if you think about it, the night club is just a big musty dark sweat room with speakers blaring ridiculous sounding music that can hardly be understood. Everybody's walking around with an attitude and shouting at everybody. The women are wearing this god awful perfume, sort of like flowers mixed with shit, like they must've poured it over themselves in the powder room from head to toe. The guys are in the bathroom fixing themselves up and making faces in the mirror in search of that killer look...You gotta pay a cover and then pay for some expensive watered down drink that's full of ice. The place is overcrowded with nowhere to dance and the bouncers look like they are all on steroids! It's a crazy place where anything goes sometimes, even fights. It's not my kind of place. I have since realized that the best way to meet women is anywhere besides a nightclub. Location is key.

I have met women in some of the strangest places and under some unusual circumstances. I once jokingly snatched this lady’s suica(train pass) card from the ground as she was trying to pick it up after dropping it on accident near the ticket wicket. After I retrieved it from the ground I walked away . She was beyond shocked and disbelief!

She went after me, nothing like being chased down by a beautiful beautiful pair of long legs in pink pumps, then after finally catching me demanding an answer for my rude behavior. I told her I needed to be scolded every now and then by a beautiful woman such as her and that the only medicine for guys like me is love.

Confused and stuck between whether to alert the police or continue listening , she opted to listen instead after I continued by complimenting her on her lovely eyes. I gave the card back to her and apologized and said that I could explain more over coffee about my sudden impulses and that I was a legitimate foreigner from America, and that she had nothing to fear.

At any rate, she was in a hurry and had no time for bullshit. Strangely enough though I managed to get a business card out of her as she had no time to rationally think at 6am. I guess she did it in order to get me to shut up. I waited for a week to call her, and when I finally did she sounded a bit cheerful...I guess. She agreed to meet me for coffee and we did, and boy when we met I was highly impressed! I’ll save this story for another entry.

I eyed a delicious looking Japanese woman who looked as if she were in her early forties. She had no visible crows feet along her eyes, no graying hair, no neck lines. She had simple eye liner and very light make-up on. I moved in from behind her, not too noticeably though. She brushed aside a strand of hair to the side and gently slid it over her left ear. I recognize this as a cue to say something, so in a gentle voice I said "hello." She returned the greeting with hesitation. We then exchanged a few words in English over small topics like " where are you from? Or, you speak Japanese very well " of course this was all bullshit talk to kill time. When she finally reached her stop I bid her farewell from there. I didn't hear from her for almost a week.

Finally one Friday morning I get this e-mail and it's from her! She agreed to meet at Denny's across the street from her apartment. There we had a coffee and a chat; I was too nervous to eat. I also couldn't believe how well dressed she was either. Nice one piece and she let her hair hang down over her shoulders. She had really good healthy strong black hair, and clean teeth. A nice heart shaped face and curiously beautiful for some strange reason. Even the waiter looked daggers at me the whole time we were together. She was taller than average Japanese women, and had a perfect posture. She looked like the type of woman who would be married to a company president. She had absolutely no flaws whatsoever. When we were together we looked entirely out of place and extremely awkward.

I recall another instance a few years ago back in L.A. when I was dating another Jukujo, I was sitting in a bank waiting for my her to close an account. The bank president came out of his office thinking I was involving her in some sort of criminal scheme or something. It just didn't look right for us to be together. The only logical explanation would be that they thought we were involved in some sort of sex thing I assumed. This has happened to me on many occasions, even while vacationing in Turkey. Even my co-workers would tell me the same thing. They would say she looks like she's married to some upper middle class salary man, or something to that extent because often times my dates were very well dressed.

Satomi was 42; widowed;no kids ; she was abandoned at birth and had to live with her relatives in Kawasaki where she was raised. She was a strong and overbearing woman which is probably why she could never hold on to any other man long enough to remarry, and the one she did marry bailed out on her in the first year. She wasn't "domesticated" enough, for lack of a better word. She was bossy and nothing about her was tender. She came from hard beginnings that made her stubborn and difficult to work and live with. She had no patients for kids and hated weakness in a man. She had no soft spot, and she hated the whole idea of being a mother herself. I knew our relationship would be short lived from this point.

On our second date she took me to a " Japanese only" bar to meet her ex-boyfriend and his mother for sake and dinner. They were very anti-American, so they tolerated my presents because I was with her and I had very pro-Japanese beliefs, and because African Americans don't represent American foreign policy abroad. Most Japanese over the decades have seen us as victims of oppression under Jim Crow rather than victors in any American conquest regardless if we serviced in the Armed Forces.

The topic for that evening was Yasukuni, and I was a staunch supporter of the shrine because I felt too many Japanese were ungrateful for the sacrifice of millions of soldiers that were sent off to die. I had argued that Yasukuni should be State funded rather then privately supported, and that the citizens of Japan owe a debt of gratitude by paying to maintain this shrine through taxes.

The whole bar erupted and I became the instant center of attention! Even the monk sitting across from us broke his vow of no alcohol and started drinking heavily. "How could this be a Japanese only bar if people like you disagree with me?" I said. Naturally this contention with Japanese has more to do with religion than anything else. Men and women who were interred at Yasukuni were placed there without the consent of family. Many of the fallen were Buddhist but were honored and interred under Shintoism, very little of it has to do with what happened in Asia. Families just wanted to have proper rights to the handling of their lost, and then the shame that became associated with Yasukuni through the media only served to further exacerbate the whole issue, which in turn made it very hard to seek closure in the whole matter.

Anyway, three hours later the bar had closed down. I had only one fan the whole time I was there, and that was the old lady behind the counter who was 90 years old. She retracted her statement that she had made about me weeks ago by telling Satomi to not have sex with me because I was black and probably dangerous and would rape her the first chance I got. That old lady turned out to like me and a day later she called Satomi and told her to " give me the goods" that night as a token of her appreciation to me and my right wing views. Something amazing happened in that bar that night and she went on to mentioned that she couldn't explain what it was.

From there I began to spend more time with her at her place. We'd imbibe on nihonshu and sushi and good conversation. She was well learned in history, so our topics were very interesting. However, her prospects for Japan and its future were very bleak and at times she would come off a bit cynical on everything. She had very little faith in Japan's government and especially Japanese men. She hated Japanese men for their weaknesses and inability to stand up to the West. She would lament on about how she wishes Japanese men would do more for the country. I loved how she'd cross her legs and rock them while pointing erratically around the room trying to explain a point. She had astounding calf development and she was very leggy. I was being lectured by a sexy senior who was even more attractive when talking about heavy topics, which only served to further make me want her more.

Her charms were infectious and she had the gift of gap no matter who she met and where she went with me. She had a way of dealing with people that I have never seen with any other woman, but she had two things that I couldn’t stand about her. She was stubborn and too proud, compounded with the fact that she had no maternal qualities about her, which are things that exemplify a world class Jukujo.

To be conti…

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