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Standing Bars in Yokohama

Saturday night was the first time in a long time I had gone out drinking. I almost never go out drinking. That evening a student took me out to two very good standing bars, which are called “tachinomiya” in Japanese.

At these places one can get a sense of how ordinary Japanese salary men enjoy a night out on the town, and in one of Yokohama’s slummiest areas, Nogemachi. Two bars to remember would be Yorimichi and the second is called Rees(in English).

Standing bars are nice because if you get too drunk you’ll know it because you won’t be able to keep standing for long. In these short videos I introduce some of the local specialties. Unfortunately there were only a couple of good sake selections out there. If you go to Tokyo you can probably find more.
I also took a stroll down some of Yokohama’s oldest streets and got a taste of Noge’s history.

Standing bars like the ones in my video are nice ideas when entertaining guest from out of town and are very easy on the wallet, too. I can see myself visiting these types of places more often.


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