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Yama Shitataru: Hiokizakura Yamane Shuzo

I love her. Green apple, green apple! I can taste it. She’s young and she’s fresh. This is as fresh as it gets ladies and gentleman.

Here she is:

Yama Shitatataru : Drip style sake
Tokubetsu-Junmai Nama; Tottori Prefecture; Yamane Shuzo; Yamadanishiki; 58% rice; plus 7; acid 1.9; I can smell and taste green apple and cotton candy. Apple nose. soft tail, pleasant after-taste, small bite at the back of the throat, goes down smooth.
What’s important to understand here is that this is a summer brewed sake, which means it’s a limited edition and sells out very quickly and is made only during summer. I had to search far and wide for this one.
What to drink from:

I always use Riedel daigenjo glasses to make the first taste. I check for color and legs; she has fine legs and a good clear color.    And then I go with my sake cup for the aesthetic effect. Real men understand sacrifice. The Toji understand that he must sacrifice for the sake of tradition in order to preserve the national drink of the nation. And that by doing this you preserve what’s left of the nation as a whole. Japanese men have no excuse not to drink their own national drink.
This authentic commemorative sake cup was sold to me by Rich over at his site http://www.imperialjapansakecups.com/
Now on to the drinking part:


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