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1,000ml Special Sake

This is exactly how it came in the mail this morning, in bubble wrap.
1000ml of a rare “doburoku.” As you can see it looks half-full, which is by design, not a mistake. A standard bottle this size is usually 1800ml or 1.8L(isshoubin) in size and is about 90% full of sake.

This sake is called "Chiyo-no-Kame Moonshine Doburoku - Oyaji's Moonshine! Or, homebrew type sake.

A pure sake where the Sake mash that is fermenting has been scooped with a ladle. It makes you feel that you are truly drinking “Doburoku".”
The lively acidic flavor from the fermentation really compliments its creamy sweetness.

Recommended for ladies.
1 liter has been poured in a 1.8-liter bottle so the yeast does not make it overfill, and Sugi leaves are used as the cork for degassing.   It can also be enjoyed frozen. Do not topple over: KEEP REFRIGERATED Best drunk at: 0 to 10 degrees ◎The cork has a hole in it because there is no worry about spilling with Sugi leaves.

【Quality Level】Junmai Daiginjo Pure Sake 【Quantity】1000ML 【Raw Materials】Rice / malted rice 【Percentage of Polished Rice】50% 【Sake Meter Value】-20 【Alcohol Content】 14.0 to 14.9% 【Brewer】KAMEOKA Sake Brewery 【Address】Ehime-ken, Kiga-gun, Ikazaki-cho

純米大吟醸生酒1000ML「千代の亀密造酒どぶろくおやじの密造酒」名称募集という名前のお酒です 発送はクール便を使います。 宮崎県の椎葉村の天然酵母仕込み、丁寧に時間をかけて低温発酵させた純米大吟醸活性生酒のにごり酒です。 仕込みの真っ只中。発酵している醪をひしゃくですくった生酒です。「どぶろく」て感じです。 クリーミィな甘さのなかに発酵している活き活きとした酸味が全体をひきしめます。女性の方におすすめです。 ●酵母が活発に活動してもふきこぼれないよう、1.8L瓶に1Lを詰め、ガス抜きのため杉の葉の栓をしています。 また、凍らせても美味しくいただけます。 横倒厳禁:要冷蔵品 【酒質内容】純米大吟醸 生酒 【容量】 1000ML 【原材料】 米/米麹 【精米歩合】 50% 【日本酒度】-20 【アルコール分】 14.0~14.9% 【醸造元】 亀岡酒造(株) 【住所】愛媛県喜多郡五十崎町 飲用温度:0~10度

The first video showcases the bottle and the second pictures showcases the glass I use.
In the end, this is a delightfully delicious “doburoku” sake, which in actuality comes from Ehime prefecture. Only the yeast is from Miyazaki prefecture.
There is also a pink version of the same sake.

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