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The Letourneau Effect

Ok, so maybe that's a bit of a stretch since I'm not young anymore, at least not young enough to be victimized by a female teacher.   I mean, I was always a  'teachers' pet' all through out my primary school days, but in my thirities...?  Is there even such a term called The Letourneau Effect?  Probably not...

In 1997, Mary K. Letourneau was arrested on charges of statutory rape of a 13 year old boy(student) whom she was impregnated by. The boy was 13 at the time. Mrs. Letourneau, because she had been married to her first husband Steve Letourneau at the time of the incident, was sentenced to 89 months in prison, but her sentenced was eventually reduced down to 6 months and then reimposed after she had violated her terms of parole.

Since the Letourneau affair there have been many such similar incidences of ' teacher student' relationships. In fact, the courts have become more lenient in how they sentence teachers who are involved in physical relationships with their students. Of course, female teacher and male student only...

( It's never acceptable for a male teacher to prey on a female student in any court).

Teacher student relationships have always been taboo in America. However, Just about every student has fantasized about being with their teacher in an intimate way, in one way or another. Since as early as elementary school I have always had such fantasies, but have never lived them out until I came to Japan.

My first Letourneau experience happened here in Japan back in early 2000, even though I wasn’t in grade school.  I was always a really good student, nevertheless, and was never late for my lessons and, always did my homework. I loved my teacher not only because she was a ' Jukujo class ' but because she was good at teaching. Occasionally I would bring her some sweets or add some extra money to her hourly rate.    I enjoyed our lessons and everything was professional until she allowed her personal life to get in the way of her teaching.

I was having dinner with one of my girlfriends at the local yakiniku when I suddenly receive an email. "Who could this be?", I said to myself.  At dinner I never check my e-mails or accept phone calls, but something felt different about this e-mail because I received it at around midnight, and I don't know anybody who would e-mail me at around this time, either.   So, I excused myself and went to the restroom.  Flipping my cellphone open I discovered it was her! My around midnight? The e-mail read, "I feel so sad." All kinds of thoughts were going through my head. At first I thought it was such a cruel joke being played on me.

I called her up immediately and she was sobbing.  She had told me that she needed to see me first thing tomorrow afternoon and that her future was uncertain. So, I went to Tokyo where we met at a coffee shop. She explained to me that she needed someone to talk to, and that her life as a single 46 year old Japanese woman with two kids can sometimes be unforgiving. I was not sure why all of a sudden she was telling me this.... It sounded like some drama was being played out, or rehearsed. This couldn't be real.

Of course I put everything through a litmus test, especially here in Japan where a smile and flowery words can mean absolutely nothing at all. Often times in order to test things out I may ask a woman to do certain things in order to prove that she is not lying to me.  I would either ask her to buy something very expensive for me, or head straight for the love hotel.   In this case, I had asked her to walk with me towards the love hotel.  Every Westerner who is familiar with Shibuya knows the route. They know where to walk the ladies.   They know where to go, believe me.

Once I got within 1 second of the nearest love hotel I pointed in its direction. She looked, then looked at me and understood. When we entered the lobby there was a man who had appeared to be in his 70s. He was walking with a cane and the lady who was paying for the room was no more than 20 or 21...I think. A burst of laughter came from my teacher.   I was like, why are you laughing?  Didn't she realize that we were about to engage in such intimate activities, and that it's shameful for the both of us to be in this hotel lobby? The money I just paid you an hour ago for that lesson is being used to pay for this room....We really shouldn't be laughing.

The three great features I liked about her was her very large breast, her hair, and skin. Another nice thing about her was that she allowed me to do 中出し。。( Ejaculate inside) which is rare.  I almost never do that, but not only did she encourage me to do it, she begged me and would say things like " good boy!" afterwards, or something along those lines.   I didn't exactly pick up on what she was saying to me until the second and third time.

We continued these wonderful meetings for four months. I always thought it was strange though. I mean, every time I had paid her for the Japanese lesson, she’d use it to pay for the room; she’d open the same envelope with the money I had given her to pay for the room. I was standing there looking at the front desk lady knowing that she knew what the hell was going on.

The one thing I just can’t get out of my head though were the breast. They were so huge and natural.

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