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Twisted Fujiさん

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This is a picture of Mount Fujii from start to twist. I think it’s lovely, don’t you?.  I think so much of the human  body goes under-appreciated.  Smooth tofu complexioned   skin, a full head of thick black hair, well developed and well toned hamstrings are just examples of really nice things one can appreciate here in Japan.

In most of my entire corpus I have always written about this  affinity towards a kind of natural order and balance in day-to-day living.  I liken things like sake and food to the female body in many ways.  I think what’s best enjoyed is when one can experience the taste of good sake, delicious food,good sleep, and Jukujo, and of course onsen  all together.  
There is just something about Jukujo who love sake.  I mean they just liven up and release themselves and allow fate to carry them into a natural direction.  My direction.  The last sake event I had attended did just that.

Have human beings forgotten about the order of being natural to the point where material things replace the nascency of human evolution and the development of our conscious awareness of human sexuality and sensuality?  You humans all still have a very long way to go. I mean,   something as pure and as simple as breathing and sweating….Are these things not beautiful?  I do believe that the greatest evolutionary challenges facing mankind is his/her own mind.

Let me tell you, the day  humans become so prudish that they no longer love their own bodies, and the sensual pleasures that come along with it, because of some quirkish morality switch in their minds that tells them to shun such natural things, will be the undoing of everything that’s natural, pure and beautiful.  We were fearfully and wonderfully made, almost with god-like qualities.
The greatest challenge of evolution is if humans can live up to those qualities.  Being godly is sexual.


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