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Kirei Sake Brewery (Kirei 亀齢)

Another very nice and well-rounded sake from West Japan.
This is a Junmai Ginjo, Nama Genshu. Junmai Ginjo means it falls into the premium class of labor intensive sake with rice that’s milled away at 50%. Nama, means that is a draft-style sake that is purified not by heat pasteurization but rather through micro-filterization. Genshu means it hasn’t been diluted with water which usually means that this sake has a higher alcohol content. The rice used is called Gouriki or in Japanese called 五拾(ご うりき)
What I like a lot about this sake is its full clean fruity textures and finish. I can taste hints of Muscat with deep undertones.
This afternoon, just before work, I ran over to Kimijimaya, my favorite sake shop, to pick out a good sake for this week. When I looked through the fridges I found one row of empty sake bottles, so I open the fridge door and poked my head in and located way in the back were two bottles left of the sake I am drinking now. I remember the week before a sake expert by the name of Daisuke told me about this sake and so I took his word for it and luckily for me there were two bottle left. I bought it and now I am drinking it as I type this post out to you.
There are just so many sake out there to choose from. It would probably take me and entire life time to try all of them.


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