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Mishima Yukio
His speaks in English
I have great respect for Mishima. I have  great respect for any man who dies for what he believes in, as long as it doesn't hurt others indirectly involved.  November 25th 1970 marks the day Mishima did what no other Japanese man was capable of doing then and now, and that is to die for something pure and righteous – a conviction, and ejaculatory culmination of sorts. Not like today’s Japanese men who would rather jump in front of speeding trains and inconvenience the commute of thousands of workers and students.   Or inhale poisonous gas fumes or go on a killing spree injuring innocent bystanders because nobody didn’t love him.

There used to be a principle, or a way in which a man could take his own life with dignity here in Japan. Japanese men of today have no such dignity and honor, yet they laugh at Mishima as if he lived in a fantasy world.

In my country we have our heroes, like Nat Turner and Malcolm X, ,so I’m no stranger when it comes to hearing stories of valor and honor.  Mishima embodied the whole duty of Japanese men and the nation on this day. A sense of honor; the martial spirit were all exemplified by the incision he made in his belly for all the world to see. This is no laughing matter. He made his point very clear on this day and let no fool besmirch it.
In an earlier essay, here, I wrote briefly about the man in discussion highlights some specific key ideas about this man. Another piece I wrote here


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