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Masterfully Made

Sitting down on her favorite couch in silence on a very quiet late weekday afternoon, not one single sound could be heard.  Almost suffocatingly quiet.

Then,  a faint hum of a washing machine cycle finishing penetrated her eardrums.    The smell of outside air still lingering from her purse and hair, hands still damp and cold, she reflects on warmer moister  memories of a time long gone.
Quietude in this sense can be so surreal at times. The ambient lighting in the room can at times evoke a trance like effect on the mind where the body is seemingly rendered paralyzed from the brain down. You move a finger down and around to make sure there’s still some sensation.  

I love a woman who can appreciate times like these, not busy bodies that have no concept of time and space.    Chaos and disorder seem to be there only connection with the world.  They seem to squander away every single opportunity for romance and intimacy to the point where sex is merely a process rather than a natural phenomenon.  

Two human beings can bring another life in to this world.    For two minds and two bodies working together in unison, and towards one single all defining purpose they can achieve anything!

This is my ideal of what connubial bliss is about, and what I wish to continue to achieve.
I love moving my nose and lips down the musculature of a Japanese woman’s smooth supple thighs.  Stopping  every now and then just to look and sniff.    No sudden movements.   Appreciation for the most simplistic of all things is what modern day humanity has forgotten. I love the leg.

Japan can be saved by their own women.


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