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August is peak summer season in Japan.  We can look forward to some of the most spectacular fireworks displays and festivals in the world, ...

Midtown Christmas Tokyo 2009



The finest illuminations and spectacles of light can been seen here at one of Tokyo’s swankiest business districts.  This year, like last year, the night time displays of lights not only lit the atmosphere, but our hearts as well.  Christmas was everywhere in Midtown this year!


In the Galleria you can enjoy more illuminations.  This one is called the Welcome Chandelier and every 15 minutes it changes colors. 


The trees in Sakura-dori and in the streets all around Tokyo Midtown are decorated by around 470,000 LED lights that are the color of candle flames. The camphor tree in the Midtown Garden will be illuminated with pink LED lights. The electricity are solar-generated.


Below is the Enya Tree



There’s a new staging this year for the "Starlight Garden", the symbolic illumination for Tokyo Midtown that will be set up on the Grass Square spanning 2,000 square meters. Adding to the dreamlike atmosphere are  lights in the surrounding trees. Every 20 minutes, visitors are able to enjoy the illusion of shooting stars turning into stardust.


I have seen all sorts of illuminations in my time, but this by far was the best.  A must see for anybody visiting Tokyo during this time of year – without the Christmas music. 

An environmentally friendly Christmas as everything was solar powered.


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