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Railroads of Minato Mirai


A few years ago, these rails were used for the Toyoku line, which has since been closed because of the creation of another line called the Minato Mirai.  This new  line connects Yokohama to Tokyo in less than 40 minutes and has revolutionized the way people shop.


Unfortunately, these old rails will lie here unused and dormant.  There’s so much history here on this line, almost a hundred and fifty years worth. 


Now, there’s just graffiti on the walls.  A few pedestrians cross here on their way to somewhere.


There’s just graffiti here now.  Japanese have such a strange fascination with obscure things, especially death.  I guess that’s why the suicide rates have been soaring.  I think the figure is up to around 34,000! 

Yokohama is truly one of these bizarre and strange cities.


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