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Funwari Breakfast


A part of me that will never change is my love for Western food, especially bread.  I guess we can thank the Portuguese for introducing bread to Japan 460 years ago by accident.  I mean,  if the Portuguese weren’t trading slaves at that time, then maybe  they were heavily involved in the spread of culinary knowledge…?  That’s the only historical association I have of them. 

Nevertheless, since we’re on the subject of bread I would like to introduce my favorite brand.  Funwari Shoku Pan(ふんわり食パン), a product of  Yamazaki Baking Co., LTD.   The term “funwari” means fluffy or soft in English, and of all the breads I have enjoyed over the years this one is my favorite. 

Out of the bag it’s very soft and a bit moist.  Smells fresh and goes perfectly with eggs and jumbo sausages.
The sausages to the right are spicy and larger than most that are sold in supermarkets across Japan.  These sausages, however, are American size and are sold at Fuji Supermarket.  I have been to just about every supermarket chain  in this country and have never found sausages this size.  Another nice thing is that even after you toast them they never break if you wrap one around a sausage. 

A traditional Western style breakfast for me goes something like this:  Three eggs fried very hard sunny side up.  Spicy sausages – 3.  Two slices of toast with a generous serving of butter on both.  Lastly, two or three tall glasses of ice cold orange juice, or 1000ml.  And then the perfect finisher would be a hot cup of coffee.


  1. Thanks for recommending this brand of bread, it looks very yummy indeed!

  2. Thanks Saramari,

    You are welcome. Hope you like it.

  3. I love this bread... actually I love all the thick sliced soft bread in Japan. We are in Okinawa. Looking forward to reading about all your fantastic food adventures!

  4. Thanks for stopping by M&S,

    Great bread. Thanks for the comment.



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