Higashimaru Soy Sauce

Most of us who are familiar with Asian and Japanese cuisines are also familiar with soy sauce.  In North America soy sauce that’s sold in most major supermarket chains is called Kikkoman, and is practically a household name for many ethnic dishes from Asia.


Living in Japan has given me many opportunities to explore other types of soy sauce.  I can hardly remember the last time I ate Kikkoman with anything.  In Japan there are hundreds of different soy sauces from all over the Island so it’s fun to dabble a bit in the kitchen and with different types of soy sauces.


Since I like fried dishes like tempura or chicken, the type of soy sauce used would have to have a lighter taste.  Some North Americans like to drown their food with it, I don’t.  After several months of searching and taste testing I found the ideal shoyu(soy sauce).  It’s called Higashimaru Tatsuno no Toki which hails from Hyogo Prefecture in Tatsuno City.  So many great shoyu come out of West Japan and this one was no exception.  The taste, smell, and textures were just right for me.


In the world of shoyu there are a few different types to look out for.  Usukuchi type shoyu( light colored ) then there’s the Koikuchi type, which is the standard table variety – dark.   The stuff I like is “awaguchi” type, or a cross between both types.  Not too dark, not too light, lighter tasting than the table variety, too.


Another nice thing is the  clean and light tasting aftertaste.  This shoyu could  easily be enjoyed with sashimi dishes, especially bluefin tuna, the most famed fish in Japan! 



Contact Information
100-3 Tominaga, Tatsuno-cho, Tatsuno City, Hyogo, 679-4167, Japan
tel: +81-79-163-4567
fax: +81-79-163-4585
contact: Minoru Aoki


  1. I will check and see if it might be available at one of the San Francisco Japantown stores.

  2. Anonymous11:15

    I emailed the company to see if there's a way to acquire this in the US generally. High-end soy sauce excites me like little else.


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