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Hiwata Junmai Nama Genshu


I’ve probably been to Miyagi pref. three or four times since first moving to Japan.  I’ve always been drawn to small rural towns in this area.  I love the sleepy town atmosphere and the bitter icy cold winters and warm onsen(s).  In this  picture there’s a kokeshi doll and a bottle of nihonshu called Hiwata – both are famous products in Miyagi.   Miyagi has beautiful girls, too.


"Hiwata", produced by Hagino Shuzo,  brewery in Miyagi Pref. is known for making some very good sake.    Hiwata is a Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu which uses a yeast called Miyagi kobo, resulting in 1.7 acidity. The Sake Meter Value is +4.   Yamadanishiki rice milled at 65%  This sake has very subtle taste while still maintaining that legendary namagenshu feel, which is full and natural.  I had a lady taste this today and she was impressed by the texture.  Namagenshu type sake really fill the mouth with some very unique flavors.  Sometimes you can get a little gassiness from namagenshu which usually goes away after a day or two. 


The other reason I chose to use a kokeshi doll is because Miyagi’s are very unique looking.  They have less hair than other kokeshi from other prefectures. 


One of the first things you see when driving into Naruko Onsen town is a statue of a giant kokeshi doll off the side of the road.   When you turn a kokeshi doll’s  head from side to side it makes a little squeaky noise, that’s how you are able to tell if it’s authentic or not.

miyagi bijin

A true Miyagi beauty.  She turned my head.  I can  smell a great fragrance on her called The Diamond Perfume by Cindy C.  for Women.  Modest, high energy, great focus.  Lovely nose she has.  Great smile and eyes.   A far cry from Tokyo and Yokohama types who smother their faces in gaudy make-up and ridiculous fashion.  I love a lady who dresses in power suits and one who loves her country, not only in word but deeds.  I can drink to that.

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