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Around the first of the year the train lines are not so crowded, so I decided to visit my local station to snap up a photo or two.


The Keikyu line is always the cleanest and most efficient train line I think.  I think maybe there are more station attendants for this line than theJR.  

This line is also more  frequent and for some reason is more comfortable to ride on than the JR Keihin Tohoku line.  Of course JR comprises a whole love of different trains, but the main lines I use are either Keikyu or JR Keihin Tohoku.

Yes, now I remember why I like this line better; the seating.  Sofa style seating is what I like most about this line.  On the JR you have the same, but the seats are pleated.  You have to sit in the seat properly or you won’t feel comfortable whereas on this line the blue seats are very comfortable and cushy no matter how or where you sit. 


At the bottom is a short clip on how to use the fare adjustment machine in case you can’t read Japanese.


  1. Well, I thought you were going to show us pictures of the comfy seats!


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