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The New Otani Tokyo: Dining


It was Sunday late in the afternoon when I finally pulled up hard out of bed. I had a couple of options for the evening. I could either call up a female friend or do another solo journey to somewhere a bit far away…explore a little…you know…

And then I remembered that the New Otani Hotel was hosting a winter crab buffet until Feb. 28th. So, I made a call to book a table by the window and to confirm that they had plenty of crabs left. They did and so I quickly got changed, made some last minute preparations and headed out completely forgetting to ask anyone to go with me, actually, I didn’t forget I just thought it was unnecessary to ask anyone. It’s crab! Why converse over it? Just eat.

After navigating my way through Tokyo’s vast subway network , with the help of my handy iphone, I made it to the hotel. The place was beautiful as you would expect from a four star hotel that was once visited by the Royal Family. The restaurant was located on the 40th floor at a place called TOP of the Tower, a world class restaurant.


The restaurant was everything you’d expect from a four star restaurant with nice views of Tokyo Tower and skyline. The fare for that evening was all-you-can-eat crab and whatever else they were serving. All was very delicious.

IMG_0007 (2)


If you ever come this way request a table on the left, not the right.


As a service, instead of you going up all the time to get your own food the cute waitresses will deliver heaps of tempura to your table – or maybe it was just me only…… Don’t hold me to that.


Crabs, crabs, crabs…


Delicious marinated chicken and New Otani’s legendary roast beef were excellent. The server was also very well mannered and eager to serve, I like this attitude.

IMG_0005 (2)

On a sour note though, 40 minutes before closing three Latin American women and one white guy walk in demanding dinner. The poor maƮtre d had to struggle to explain himself in English that the restaurant was closing in 30 minutes. Typically, in Japan restaurants stop accepting guest 30 minutes before closing. Unfortunately these plans were delayed by some of the rudest people I have seen in years. Imagine four big gaijin my size walking into a buffet 30 minutes before closing.

Moments like these make me never want to work in the food service industry. Much respect to the men and women who tolerate such animals who think they deserve some kind of special consideration because they are foreigners. Especially when you take into consideration that Japanese don’t accept or work on a tipping system.

On a final note, the buffet charge was expensive, but worth it. Good food and good service and atmosphere. Getting here is not difficult at all, just take the Ginza line to Akasakamitsuke station D exit turn left then work your way up the hill and the hotel will be on the left.

Arriving early or making reservations is not required but highly appreciated.

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