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Sneak Fuck

A Sneak fuck is when you allow yourself to indulge in repressed sexual passions with either an anonymous person or a young boyfriend in some secluded location; some off the beaten track location, some dark and dirty place where eyes have no vision.   A place  where two people can talk dirty to each other and pound each other senselessly.


If young people can do such activities so carelessly than so should the adults.  The problem with older people is that pride and dignity get in the way; it’s not kosher to act like such animals in heat when you’re over the hill.


When I was young I had indulged in such pleasures.  Backing my SUV into a dark pitch black alley with a full moon lit sky hanging just above us.  Placing the gear in park, I quickly turned the headlights off then disengaged the ignition.  I slowly eased  out of the car to check my surroundings while stopping to listen to faint sounds of other cars driving by.  The place was a business complex in an industrial park area that had plenty of lush foliage concealing us in between a large building and a fence.  It was the perfect location.


Sometimes, I just don’t know why a woman would wear pants on a date if the both of you know that you engage in such activities on a regular basis on a whim.  Luckily for me, my lady wore a nice skirt that was tightly wrapped around nice toned thighs. 


The  passenger side worked best for us since SUVs are high from the ground.  Once in the passenger seat and properly adjusted with her legs sprawled out.  It was easy to feel my way down the middle for the warmest and wettest spot.  But careful not to penetrate just yet, I move my member around the outside of the labia.  It’s good to just feel sometimes.


As the tension builds from nervous anticipation, a subtle thrust, a shriek of passion,  and a heaving  sigh of relief upon first entry is achieved from the cool darkness of summer night’s wind. Miracle womb!


Starting from the tip of my toe nails a tiny little ball of joy begins moving up my legs, passing the knee caps, up my thighs and then settling into my sack.  Veins bulging, hair rising, pulse pounding  all converge into one harmony and exploding deep inside – so deeply.


How on earth did old people allow themselves to get away from natural sex like this?  Incredible threshold moments that catatonically renders the mind into a blissful stupor; totally rocking the senses.


Take the body for granted  while it’s  in its prime and you will wake up one day too old and too wrinkly with your too good to be human attitude; too good for nothings.   A good fuck is a good fuck and nobody wrote an age limit or an expiration date on  human sexuality.  The human animal is beautiful.

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