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King Crab Part III:極太

All good things shouldn’t be enjoyed just once.  They should be enjoyed as often as possible, like another shipment of king crab legs I ordered last week, 3kg!  And these were not just your ordinary king crab legs, these are called in Japanese 極太 or Gokubuto which is a generic term used to describe something extra thick, especially in the legs of an object or thing.


And so I ordered, all 11,000 yen worth through my favorite online shop Rakuten.  




And the sake for tonight; one that came highly recommended was called “ Wataya “ of Kanenoi Brewery in Kurihara city, Miyagi Prefecture.   It’s  a Junmai Ginjo Nakatori(sake taken from the middle layer) Namagenshu.  The rice used is called Akaiwa Omachi at 50%( An Okayama varietal).


I used a light vinegar when dipping the crab meat which went excellent with the light fruity texture of this deliciously nihonshu.  


  1. What a good life, you eat , drink, lay in onsens and on Jukujos.

    You should change your header to :

    Purveyor of Fine Japanese Cuisines, Nihonshu, Shrine, Onsen and Jukujos.

    PS: ur my hero (^_^)

  2. Thanks Zen! I was thinking of changing the header, but some Japanese may consider the term "Jukujo" offensive. Thanks again for the very kind words.



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