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Yoshio no Sake

Last week at the office one of my female co-workers handed me a bottle of sake she had been holding onto since last year. She had told me it was given to her at a business gathering somewhere in Tokyo, and that according to them it was very good. Fortunately for me she wasn’t a sake drinker so she decided to give it to me knowing that I wouldn’t waste anytime sampling its essence. Looking at the label to the right I immediately thought it was some kind of geeky sake association in Tokyo. There is a close-knit association for just about everything here in Japan, so a sake association for geeks like myself wouldn’t surprise me at all. But turning the bottle around I discovered it was from Gifu prefecture in Hashima city, and that it was made by a highly respectable brewery called Chiyogiku and that the name on the bottle bore no association whatsoever to the brewer. According to the label to the left it says Yoshio no Sake, and on the top right it says Ichiryu 1 Associates, w…

The Great Divide

Many of us have come from ethnically rich cultures and societies and have been exposed to a broad range of opinions and influences both naturally and spiritually, and because of these experiences we are able to gain a better understanding of other people, but do we really empathize with others or do we just tolerate them?

However, many of us are drawn to the very things that we also hate like in the case of the foreigner who falls in love with Japan's largely mono-cultural, mono-racial, and mono-linguistic and religious elements, and is amazed at the level of harmony and natural balance that can be achieved by people of the same racial stock.   It's one of the things that drew me here to Japan!  

I think the concept of oneness and homogeneity is beautiful, and while others may totally disagree with me, I feel that I do speak for a silent minority.     On one hand, some Westerners here feel that they are entitled to the same rights as Japanese and should be treated as equal o…

Sekihan The Menarche

It’s pronounced (muh-nahr-kee), and it’s the first menstrual period or the establishment of menstruation for young women in Japan.///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Sekihan, is a red bean rice made by steaming glutinous rice( especially sticky variety) together with red beans which turn the rice red, go figure! Sekihan is also served on other special occasions like weddings and birthdays but more so for the celebration of young Japanese women's Menarche. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// I had acquired my red wings decades ago, but to have a celebratory traditional food dish named for it is extremely rare in the world. This is one of the reasons I love Japan so much. So much emphasis is placed on natural things and attention to details about the every day things that non-Japanese take for granted. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////I have never had an aversion to this natural process a woman goe…


5 minute walk from Hiyoshi station there's a ramen shop. It came highly recommended by a friend and a few other s who love the taste of thick ramen soup and noodles. This is my new top fav now. If u eat here you won't be disappointed!

Nanpa ナンパ

Today's post will be an attempt at promulgating a working theory on "nanpology"…e.g. the study of how to attract young Japanese women through sweet talking. The subjects used were all under 25 years old, single, and Japanese. All of them are relatively attractive and come from different backgrounds and all have jobs. This is not a definitive guide to getting young Japanese girl, however, you can use this information to sort of gage how things work here in Japan. According to Wiki, Nanpa tends to occur on busy streets and other places. Young men stand at the edge of the street and watch passing women. When a woman strikes a man's fancy, he typically invites her to a café or karaoke bar. The evening may finish with a visit to a love hotel, or at least the promise for a second rendezvous. Although it is rare in practice, nanpa is socially acceptable in Japan, and tolerated as a natural youthful indiscretion. To begin with, I think that the art of sweet talki…

Yuzo Senjyaku No Yu

The day-use experience can be just as refreshing as an overnight stay at a Japanese onsen ryoukan, that’s if you plan it correctly, and plan it correctly I did, even with the slight misunderstanding we had at the counter at the Yuzo Senjyaku No Yu Hotel.
I had a free day, Wed, to do whatever I wanted to do, so doing what I do best – onsen, sake, Jukujo – I headed to one of my old favorites with one of my old favorites to Hakone via the Tokaido Line – I don’t see why anybody coming from Yokohama would pay a few thousand yen more just to have a window seat, and for such a short ride in my opinion – from Tokyo okay.
Day-use onsen is great for the traveler who has limited time and budget. In my case, I had plenty of both, but Maza had time constraints and needed to be back on the same day, so I gave up travelling solo today – I was planning on heading up to Niigata. Instead I booked a special guest room for five hours with a lunch and onsen for a little under 5000 yen all together for…

Christmas Cakes & Cougars

I have a devil who lives in North or South Carolina, Columbus Ohio,  Clemson University, somewhere who once commented that his girlfriend at the time, now wife, didn’t like to take it in the face. OK. So fair enough. I don’t blame her for not wanting his spunkiness all over her caked up face, then again, what’s wrong with a little spunkiness…?

It all started in class one day over a discussion about Tiger Woods’ infidelity. A certain news article mentioned that day of a term referring to women over forty. The term is called “ cougar,” and in the dictionary a cougar is referred to as a mountain lion that preys on young meat, namely rabbit. The cougar is a fairly small and agile creature that has a very keen sense of smell and very quick; I had to explain this a bit to a group of students in order to give them a sense of what was happening with Tiger Woods according to media reports.

Now for the record, I think it’s highly unfair for Mr. Woods to accept 100% of the blame – …