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くいしん坊 ラーメン

The name Kuishinbo literally means “ Big Eater” in English and it’s a local favorite around Shonandai. What attracted me here in the first place were the reviews I read over at an internet site called “taberogu,” which is known for its very non-biased reviews on restaurants and bars all over Japan. The average ranking for this ramen carries a 3.20 star rating which is considered pretty good actually. It’s not common to come across five stars!
What I enjoyed most about this standard bowl of ramen is its flavorsome soup. Noodles were just OK, but the soup and pork were nice. There are several different flavors to choose from, but the two main ones are Shoyu( soy sauce) Shio(salt)based ramen. The soup was mild, simple, and very easy to drink. Very rarely do I ever drink all of the soup after eating ramen. This time I did.
Getting here is simple. It’s about 122 meters from Shonandai Station(terminal station). The two major lines to use are either the Odakyu or the Yokohama Blue Line which are both in the same station. Important landmark is the Family Mart which should be off to your right when exiting the station. The ramen shop should be off to your left hand side on the corner next to a building called the Viento.
phone #0466-46—1522
Open everyday from 11 to 2300 on weekends and 11 to 2100 on weedays.

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