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Winners & Losers

This topic has been thrown around in various forums through out the blogosphere, and so I need to address this and what it means and how it relates to people who come to Japan, and myself.
There are no losers in Japan. What would compel someone to travel half way around the world to live and work? Money? A new life experience? Love…? Why did you come here? Why would anybody want to live and work in one of the most expensive country's in the world, and live amongst people who have a completely different outlook on life? I don’t think losers would or could ever make such a life changing move. If they’re losers at home then what makes you think they can be winners abroad, especially in a largely homogenous culture where tiny pockets of discrimination still exist? There’s no Murphy’s Law at work here, just common sense.

I came for a new life experience and to be closer to the things and people I had grown to love and admire over the years prior to moving here. I was spoon fed Japanese culture, and given a rare opportunity to peer into the lives of people who had exquisite taste in food, sake, and the arts way before I deciding to make my move across the Pond.

I was occasionally treated to sumptuous meals at some of the finest sushi restaurants in the Land. I still remember my first sushi experience here at Shibucho in downtown L.A. No expense was spared during this occasion. We ate and drank like the gods. Our chef would dazzle us with the blade as he cut through delicate pieces of fish flesh so effortlessly and yet so meticulously, like a surgeon with years of experience with a surgical blade. I would just sit there looking as layers of white flesh would fall neatly slice after slice; such visual appeal, so beautiful. A far cry from that fat eye sore gum smacking pig of a waitress at Dennys who calls you “hun” whenever she addresses you instead of “Sir.” Screaming and shouting orders to the kitchen. Relieve my senses from this ghastly beast of a woman. Am I loser for not wanting to put up with this? Am I to tip this person? We don’t tip in Japan.

What sparked my initial interest in Japan was through Aya Dean, who was married to a nigger, in the purest since of the word, and she handed me a book by Mishima Yukio one day for no reason. She told me to read it. That one book changed my life. Aya Dean was the ideal woman in terms of looks and mind. She had a simple clean look. Beautiful legs and a wonderful mind and loved literature, but she was married to an alcoholic and violent nigger who abused her verbally and physically. They eventually divorced and she married a white man and moved to the Bay Area. I wish to god she was my wife. We could’ve had so much in common on so many levels.
What about women? Losers come to Japan to marry Japanese women because they couldn’t get a woman back in their own home country. Japanese women are easy, blah blah blah…..All of these are purely fictitious claims.

According to Men’s Health:
Men's Health asked 40,000 men readers in 42 countries, the largest global survey ever, about how they woo women and seduce them more effectively. The results also show the different characters of men and how men from different countries look at sex and the pleasure that comes with it. Based on the statistics, the Philippines even topped one of the questions. Surprising? Read on... Where men take their time:

(number of partners for the average man in his lifetime) 1. Brazil - 11.37 2. United States - 8.77 3. Australia - 8.54 4. United Kingdom - 8.28 5. Greece - 8.25 WORLD AVERAGE - 7.65 Where men get the most action (number of times per week the average man has sex) 1. Korea - 4.50 2. Greece - 4.20 3. Romania - 4.08 4. Philippines - 3.95 5. Russia - 3.87 ... 17. United States - 2.95 WORLD AVERAGE - 2.80 Where men need a little help (percentage who've taken a performance-enhancing pill) 1. United States - 21% 2. United Kingdom - 15% 3. South Africa - 14% 4. The Netherlands - 12% 5. Philippines - 12% WORLD AVERAGE - 11% Where self-service is king (average number of times per week a man masturbates) 1. Philippines - 5.65 2. United Kingdom - 5.53 3. Brazil - 5.32 4. France - 5.29 5. Malaysia - 5.27 ... 12. United States - 4.13 WORLD AVERAGE - 4.30 Where three's company (percentage of men who've had a threesome) 1. Brazil - 20% 2. United Kingdom - 17.6% 3. Australia - 17.5% 4. United States - 17% 5. Russia - 15% WORLD AVERAGE - 14% Where chivalry isn't dead (percentage of men who'd pay anything to please a woman) 1. Indonesia - 64% 2. Portugal - 51% 3. Poland - 42% 4. The Netherlands - 40% 5. Italy - 39% ... 22. United States - 19% WORLD AVERAGE - 31% Where men stay faithful (percentage of men who've never cheated with anothe woman) 1. Poland - 63% 2. Germany - 62% 3. Australia - 60% 4. The Netherlands - 59% 5. United Kingdom - 57% 6. United States - 52% WORLD AVERAGE - 50% Where men buy love (percentage of men who've paid for sex) 1. Korea - 42% 2. Brazil - 34% 3. Philippines - 32% 4. Greece - 31% 5. Russia - 26% ... 18. United States - 17% WORLD AVERAGE - 21% Where the pervs are (percentage of men who look at porn at least once a day) 1. Brazil - 30% 2. Indonesia - 28% 3. United Kingdom - 25% 4. Philippines - 23% 5. Portugal - 22% ... 7. United States - 19% WORLD AVERAGE - 16% filed [Adult Articles, Education Articles]

Japan is not listed in one category, so at least it’s safe to say that we can begin to separate fact from rhetoric. Japan is like any other country when it comes to getting women. You need to put effort in it first in order to get something out of it. Just like in America, or any other country. Sure American girls like to attach prerequisite to everything, but even still if you work at it you can get any woman, even if you are not attractive at all. I chose Japanese women for more than just their overall desirability, but for their sheer lack of expectations

In North America it is very common to see huge differences in physical appearance. Hollywood is truly the only time you can see two good looking people paired together, reality is a stark difference. It’s very common to see horrendous looking men paired with attractive women and visa versa, but this is of course years later.

In America, what defines a man is his ability to acquire material wealth, or having good physical attributes. In my fathers case he had both and was chosen by my mother based solely off of his looks and his ability to play the bass guitar. These were very attractive qualities that had an enormous appeal for most church going women then and now. My father had a Billy D. Williams look to him that drove the women wild. My mother seizing the opportunity and went for him, so did many women. Within a couple of years they were divorced because he, like my mother, was drawn to physical attributes.
My father eventually took another wife who was more beautiful and capable and fathered other children while my mother was still pregnant with me and now decades later I still scratch my head…. I often times wonder if my father was the victim of incessant come-ons and not my mother – should I blame him? Women always blame men if the relationship fails, never themselves! Natural selection in this case wins over almost every time in America and if you don’t have the looks you’d better have a talent or some money.

(“ ‘ghetto fabulous’ I have four kids from four different men. Why? Because I knew I couldn’t have him in the first place, so I had his baby instead! I made him cum in me knowing full well he would never marry me. I want to have pretty babies. [Such is the case for many American whores!]”).
(“If women are coming on to you, and you are young and good looking then why not go for the best looking one possible, same goes for women. It’s called buyers remorse….? Trade in your unattractive wife or husband for a better looking one, that’s America the divorce capital of the world”).
For me, I lacked that dangerous element and I was too much of a church boy and sheltered for most of my life, which prevented me from experiencing a lot things boys my age were experiencing. I had a beautiful physique for most of my young adult life though and was the envy of many of my contemporaries for many years.     But muscle without the attitude is like the analogy of “ muscles don’t float” and that eventually you’ll drown in the sea. That didn’t make me a loser, just a kid little church boy, that’s all. I couldn’t stomach the rest, like in the case where I couldn’t bring myself to kiss my black friends niece! She was hideous. I was scarred for life with that one. She had rougher skin than me and she was a girl…? Or the time I didn’t want to “take one for the boys” because I had refused to crawl in the sack with that fat chick who was screwing the whole football team. Other memories of me cussing out this guys hideous wife for mouthing off at one of my customers, who’s eyes bulged out of her sockets whenever she talked. And then I had to cuss him out for marrying her in broad daylight in the middle of a busy shopping mall.

In Japan, timing and natural circumstances trump physical and material demands. I envy none of my friends back in the States, not even a little bit. I wish them the best though in whoever they settled with; I’ve seen all the pictures and am far from impressed, no pun intended. I don’t see what I or anyone needs to prove by conquering a Western woman, it’s not like they’re proving that they are manly men. You are a man for taking control of your own future and marrying whomever you choose to marry and whenever you choose to marry on your own terms. Not when you settle for whoever your friends think you should settle with, or whatever reasons people do some of the dumbest things. Reminds me of a guy I used to know named Mr. Spells, and amateur boxer, who got involved with an amazingly swollen woman who had four trophies(kids) from four different men. I’m still scratching my head….??
Most American men have been castrated by the proto-feminazi legal system for decades. If anything, American men are just henpecked and (de)balled after getting married to most of these American women, such is the case for many of American men. Scary to listen to what their wives say about them when they’re not listening. I have heard so many American wives talk so much garbage about their husbands it sickens my stomach. My regional manager at the time was the Queen gossip. I had to sit there and listen this garbage spew from her mouth?

A winner is someone who challenges himself by setting goals for himself, and then achieving those goals. It doesn’t matter where he chooses to live in the world, as long as he is happy. He chose his own path. He takes a wife of his own choosing. He doesn’t let the dictates of society tell him otherwise no matter what! Human beings have been migrating since the beginning of time, in fact it’s quite natural for a person to move many times in his/her own lifetime. It’s called taking charge of your own destiny, there’s no fate but what we make for ourselves. If you don’t like a situation, and you have the economic means to do something about it then change your situation. Everybody cannot live day to day doing the same old mundane things, and working for the same retarded boss who toys around with your career so carelessly.

I thank god for the sanctity and the peace of mind I have now! I wouldn’t trade my experiences in Japan for the world.


  1. as an African-American, I find you persistent use of the term 'nigger' as racist

  2. >>Ottrot, Your comments are noted. I'm offended by the use of the word nigger when it's used to describe Black Americans in general.

  3. I think It is disappointing to see a lot of bad black americans at JApan streets.

  4. I kinda liked peeping ur blog, til u kept dropping the nigga word, seems you got issues wit black men? We all dogs, dog. Witness, lot of Japanese female want white guy, when reality sents in they escape wit kids back to Japan, leaving the husband in limbo, begging Japanese Gov't to intervene, they don't give a dame, u c bro. Truth b told, they don't want any gaijin, no matter the color, fucking any tight ill pink peach, oh! They can abuse em', we can't...yeah right, dude, if j boy wanna hit and bang black, white, girl, whatever, men r dogs.


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