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アラフォー:Around 40!

This post will pay a special tribute to my favorite class of women called the Japanese Jukujo.  Not every Japanese woman in her forties is a Jukujo, though.   It takes a certain purity, genius, and power to be one of these types of women.   Why...?
( Chisato Shoda / 千里翔田)
There's just a little over exaggeration there.  And honestly, to class women like this is sexist and bias.  But, let me answer this first paragraph first.  In Japan, the term Jukujo is considered derogatory, which is quite stupid actually.  The Japanese interpretation of it is skewed in as much as they worship underage air headed girl types.  It's almost as if they worship the very things that make the country go down the drain.

Jukujo is the apotheosis of Japanese beauty, and while young Japanese women are also beautiful, Jukujo still far outclass them in almost every way, even in physical beauty.  And how is that I suppose...?  Look at Chisato Shoda, a very well aged, spry forty year old matron.  Elegant and sexy in purple who has beautiful legs and fair skin.   She is heavy bodied.

One of the greatest charms any woman can have is that of a teacher, mentor, and supporter.  Not necessarily a sex teacher, but a teacher of her own culture and language.   A woman who loves to be supportive and sincere, not some milquetoast who's afraid to help others or themselves achieve great things.

I think all people are the same in this regard regardless of sex, race, or nationality.  All humans have a need to be accepted by others.   However, I think that to simply be accepted would require that you have a unique quality to start with, I mean, if all you do all day is shop and live at home with your folks way up into your thirties and you go to Disneyland five times a year then what types of qualities are you to have?   If a woman has  confidence in who she is as a person, just as a simple ordinary Japanese person, then this is enough for me.  I'm an ordinary person so I can't be asking for too much.   Japanese men don't see it that way.  They see these women as old and undesirable which is nothing but pure stupidity. 

I was in Kamakura one day with a Jukujo and we were waiting in line to be seated at this restaurant.  Just ahead of us a group of people were leaving the restaurant.  An American family of five and a Japanese lady who looked like she was no more then 24 years old was hosting them.  I take it that she was either engaged to one of the Americans and was showing her future in-laws around, or she was already married to one of the guys there, I couldn't really tell....

At any rate, you know in Japan you have to remove your shoes when entering traditional restaurants, and when leaving you have to put your shoes on over by the exit.   Unfortunately for the mother in-law she wasn't able to put her shoes on because of some sort of back or leg injury.  The rest of the family had finished putting their shoes on while completely forgetting about the mother in-law and almost walked off and left her, like nobody cared or even bothered to check that she was even able to put her shoes on.  She just sat there on the chair in the corner. 

My Jukujo ran over and put her shoes on for her!  Totally unexpected gesture of kindness that I had never seen in her before.  I mean, I'm used to her taking care of me and all, but a total stranger and with such spontaneity...?   I was impressed.   Later at the table I had asked her why she did it.... and she told me, ' who else was going to do it, somebody had to do it, so I did it.'   So you see, just from this one example, not every Japanese can be a Jukujo.

Most Japanese women are busy soul searching for some other identity, sometimes here or abroad, or at Disneyland....Rarely are they content with just being themselves?
jukujo womb
Sorry for the nudity in this one, but I couldn't resist.  The male actor chose my favorite spot to sniff and relax.

Nurturing and supportive roles have always been a good traditional model for many Japanese women.   What we all need might just be in our very midst.


  1. For 40 years, she looks damn good!

  2. Thank you much for your blog..it is such an inspiration! I live in Yokohama too and love 熟女 and 人妻 as well. I dated and bedded a 44 year old beauty last month but she wasn't as thick and curvy as i usually like them^^ Also she was married..can this be a problem in your experience? I made a Facebook page called 'Japanese Cougars' and it's the third time i've made it since the previous 2 attempts were taken down due to "sexual nature" of the page and sexually explicit texts in Japanese. So please have a look and I would be honoured if you joined it and/or left a comment or even some pictures to share! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Japanese-Cougars/186133351449643
    Hope to hear from you soon. Yours, チョコ(29歳)^^

  3. @darkeuropean<< Thanks for commenting! wow! I love your FB page. This can be a problem, but I think the risk is greater for her.... Just be careful.



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