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Bero Fetish Collection

The human tongue is the organ of speech which serves to taste and eat with.   Most vertebrates have one, and most use them for more than just eating and tasting, some for cleaning.   There're probably numerous and unimaginable ways that people use their tongues.


The tongue is the most widely mentioned part of the body in the Bible and is the most widely used of all the body parts next to the heart.   We even use our tongues when we are fast asleep, dreaming about that delicious something or someone.  That insatiable tongue, ehh...?  Tongues have also been  responsible for instigating wars and for  brokering peace. 


We love our tongue.  We couldn't live without it.  They give us our livelihood or make us sound smarter or dumber than we actually look, or perceive ourselves to be.  I love my tongue.   My three favorite body parts are my tongue, eyes, and penis. 


In Japan, the Japanese have taken tongue worship to a whole new level.  It's called "Bero" ベロフェチ or tongue fetish in English.  Have you ever listen to a piano sonata while watching a delicious looking Japanese woman lick her lips and teeth with that pink velvety mound of flesh...?  Lips coated in lush red lipstick as they glisten with saliva and quivering in nervous anticipation of that first kiss.


This morning, on my 38th birthday, I took a trip down to a porn shop to browse around.  The only time I stop through there is to look for Jukujo stuff.  The first store I went to had nothing of particular interest so I headed further down the road to another place that I had never been to before.    


Quickly browsing through the selection they had, I stumbled across this video cover in the picture above.   I have always had a special place in my heart for Japanese tongues and mouths.  There's just something about the neatly made-up face of a beautiful Japanese woman and her tongue that sparked arousal, and since it was only 380 yen! I picked it up.


This tongue in this video is beautiful.  It's wet, luscious, and the lips are full.   This DVD has forty beautiful Japanese debutants each showcasing their beautiful tongues.  Some clips show them kissing and talking, or even moaning.  Lovely.   Enjoy.


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