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Japanese Sake & Food

I published a mini-pairing guide about Japanese sake and food a couple of years ago, and never got around to adding it to this new blog.  I was lucky enough to sell it through Yurindo Bookstore back in 08' and did well with it there for about six months.  I was very pleased with the outcome.  As of now the book is no longer in print as I am in the process of making some revisions to it.

sake book1

This sake guide is a list of my personal favorites at that time, along with a few food picks that I would recommend for anybody. 

sake book2

My time in Japan has been spent traveling, eating, and drinking delicious nihonshu, so it was quite natural for me to publish a book about these experiences.  It took me awhile to get around to doing that but I did, finally. 

sake book3

The highlights of this book is focused on regional favorites like Hanasaki Gani, and some other rare fish delicacies that most Tokyoites may not be familiar with.   This book is skewed towards the Hokuriku and Tohoku regions of Japan - northern Japan and Hokkaido to be exact with an emphasis on local jizake or locally brewed sake.


So much history and so much beauty infused in the sake drinking experience.  The onsen  also serves to further heighten this experience.   The next revision will be released sometime in 2011, not sure exactly.

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