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Riedel Water Glassware

What does it feel like to drink water from a $200.00 water glass from Riedel...?  Insanely crazy and stupid, right?  I feel guilty already but I was sold on it from the very first time I laid eyes on it. 

You see, I love bottled mineral water, even more than sake; I drink liters of fresh Japan Alps mineral water  every other day in order to satisfy my unquenchable thirst for very cold soft water.  I can easily take care of two liters a day if I wanted to, no problem.   It was only a matter of time before I bought something to complement my love for the clear liquid, and what better way then a glass specifically handcrafted just for water!
( Suntory Minami Alps; the Avian of Japan)
Riedel has a new series of dishwasher safe drinking glasses called the Sommeliers Black Tie series, which features about 49 different glasses each for its own drink.   There's even a glass designed for drinking soda! 

In the world of glassware, design glasses, like wine and sake, have the year it was made or bottled stamped on the bottle somewhere.  Riedel glassware does the same thing.  Each design has a year.  I'm drinking from the 2008 design year.
The design's wonderful.  The circumference  of the glass is about 5 and a half inches, giving me plenty of room for my nose; when the glass is flush to my face it covers the whole area  from my lips, and past the ridge of my nose touching my eye brows.  I feel so intimate with this glass.  With every sip of mineral water I can taste it as well as smell its natural minerals.  The glass feels really good in my hand and comfortable because of its wide bell.  It's nice to see the condensation built up around it.

After several sips I've grown attached to it.  Enjoy what you drink.

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  1. Interesting glass, very pure designed.



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