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Yoshie Takahashi

You did great today.  I attended your concert over at the music hall in Yokohama.  You didn't see me, but I was there, in the last row,  back there  ensconced in the warm embrace of a shadow.


Watching you strum along on that long and beautiful Japanese Koto was amazing.  Your hair was so neatly adorned in pins.  Your make up was flawless and your kimono was awe inspiring.   I was captivated by your allure, and at the nimbleness of your fingers as they moved up and down the strings.   I was carried off by each chord to another place in time - lost in time.


Again, you did great today.  You are a daughter  of Kochi, a prefecture famous for its many rivers of which knowledge has flowed since time immemorial.  So many great luminaries have come from where you were born. 


I never understood the urbanite modern day Yokohama born Japanese woman of today, and I suspect I never will.  Yoshie, you are a God amongst insects in this regard because you embody the principles of what it means to be Japanese.  You really do. 


This is the actual footage of her playing.  I recorded it from my iphone.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to zoom in to get a clear view of her beautifulness.   Nevertheless, I captured the sound of her playing.

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