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Akarenga Soko Saké Summit 2010

sake summit4

Here at the old red brick warehouse in Yokohama the June 6th 2010 sake summit was held. This was a major sake tasting event, one of the largest in the world. I was sipping on some aged sake called " koshu" in Japanese which is typically allowed to age over a year or so... This explains why it's a brownish color, most sake is clear.

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Not only were there so many delicious nihonshu, but wine and liquor there as well. People from all over Japan came and so many jukujo too! It's not very often I get to attend one of these events, but I knew from close sources that this would be a big one so I had to come. There were hundreds of breweries here from just about ever corner of Japan. I won't list them up here....hhaha....If you've been to one of these kinds of events you know that after the fifth sake you lose track of how many sake, and what brands you were drinking.

sake summit3


sake summit5

This is a sweet strawberry flavored sake from a brewery in Gunma called Oze No Yukidoke! Aside from these fruity sweet juice like sake,they had some excellent labels. Not bad actually.

sake summit6

Here's a citrus flavored brand. These sweet and fruity flavored sake are not representative of Japanese sake, but a minor deviation for those who are not quite familiar with drinking real rice brew yet.

sake summit7


sake summit2

There were summer type sake there as well. For a listing of what summer sake are take a look here, here, and here.

Some footage of today's sake summit.

After you finish watching continue down.

One more really neat thing about this event is that they offered so much food. Some for free and some for sale. I must've gone through several plates of squid and onions. At any rate, whenever consuming lots of sake remember to drink plenty of water and bring some snacks.

Why attend these events? I think one of the nice things about attending events like this one is that you get to lubricate the wheels of social interaction. Sake brings people together. It is the elixir of love and merriment. I must've fell in love with a dozen or so sake and Jukujo today. I even met a bunch along with a good friend. We were working in tandem. It was great.

Afterwards, after getting three Jukujo we headed over to Yamashita Park with three bottle of our favorite sake picks.


~~~~~sake summit9



Sake can be enjoyed either alone or with one or two Super sweet and lovely Japanese ladies and delicious sake. I have always mention at the inception of my blog that the most beautiful wonders of Japan are its natural hot springs, shrines, temples, Jukujo, cuisine and of course nihonshu! These things embody the soul of Japan. Nothing else for me represents the true essence of the this nation.

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