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Australian Style Breakfast in Kamakura

Mother nature decided to give us a break for a couple of day in between the rainy season by granting us some gorgeous weather.    Since I have a half a day today with the whole morning to myself I decided to do a little research about good breakfast eats around  the Shonan Coast of Kamakura.  


One thing I love just as much as Japanese  food is a good Western style breakfast; nothing tops  perfectly scrambled eggs,  slow drip coffee, and toast.  After searching around in the blogosphere I found a few blogs in Japanese that mentioned something about a restaurant called "bills" in lower case.   This blog mentioned something about scrambled eggs and toast and ricotta cheese pancakes.   I was hooked.

IMG_7568 (2)


Then I googled the restaurant again and found an article written up by robbie swinnerton in English which only highlighted lunch and some very detailed  pros and cons about bills which was very useful, by the way.  I was only interested in the breakfast menu which is available in PDF for anybody who's interested.  I think bills lunch menu is just an ordinary standard fare you'd expect at any beachside diner,  so I wouldn't necessarily recommend lunch. 


Breakfast is the best in my opinion since it's the hardest to find  around Kanagawa.  You can eat a burger and fries anywhere, but good eggs scrambled just right, and toast on normal size bread is rare. ( scrambled organic eggs with toast).  These was a decent portion size actually.  It is not as small as it looks.

IMG_7558 (2)


The creator of this restaurant is an Australian man by the name of Bill Granger, a famous international chef who's traveled extensively all over the world and who has made a name for himself as the "Breakfast King" of Australia.   I knew I couldn't  go wrong if I ate here at this restaurant.  There are two branch restaurants, one in Akarenga and the other beachside in Kamakura - I didn't know there was one in Akarenga soko.  I was just over there a week at a sake summit and didn't even know there's was a branch there.


This next dish was simply awesome. It's called Ricotta hotcakes smothered in honeycomb butter with bananas. 




(Stuffed with ricotta).

Since the weather was gorgeous I jumped on my scooter and scooted down route 1, which is equivalent to route 66 in America.  I got there in just under 46 minutes from Yokohama.  Beautiful weather, ocean view, cruising down at around 80km/hr at 6am.  I had  a lot of time to spare after arriving so I took a quick trip to Enoshima Island which I will blog about later.




For those of you driving it's better if you come down using route 1.  Then you'll come up on route 30, take that route and stay on that route  until you reach route 134, turn left and and keep straight,  that way it'll be easier for you to find the place rather then coming up from Kamakura.  If you come up from Kamakura you'll have a hard time getting into the parking lot.   If you take a train you'll need to get off at Shichirigahama Station using the Enoshima Dentetsu Line.  It's a 1 or 2 minute walk from there.  It's right across the street from 7-11.  If you are standing in the 7-11 parking lot and facing toward the sea the restaurant will be off to your right in a white concrete building on the second floor.


All and all I was very pleased.  The balcony seating was great along with the view and hospitality.  I was treated well.  The food was delicious and the weather was beautiful.  I felt very satisfied with the whole experience.  A little pricey, but worth it.  I could easily see myself returning.   Breakfast is from 9 to 11, I recommend getting there at 9 sharp since the breakfast menu is very popular and people line up just to get in the place.




  1. I think I remember seeing that place. I drove by there just a few weeks ago. It looks good.

  2. Hey T.

    Yeah, if you decide to go in the morning the view from the balcony is not too bad.

  3. The breakfast looks delicious. I know how difficult it can be to find good western style breakfast in Asia.

  4. Hi Nancie!

    Thx for the comment. Yes. I was so happy to find this place.


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