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new sake

Here we go.  It's called Tohoku Izumi Ryuiro  No Umi.

This sake has been featured in just about every sake magazine this year, even Dancyu did a write up on it.  I'm not that sure as to why.  I believe that on the basis of an experimental koji mold called "KA" Yamagata Kobo was used to brew this sake is probably why.   It is an extremely well balanced sake that's very light and fruity.  Another nice thing is that this sake was brewed using Omachi rice!

It's a very light  fruity and elegant sake with a seimaibui of 45%, nihonshudo of +2.  The alc is 16.2, amino acid 0.8, acid itself is 1.7.

I think what initially got my attention was that it is from Yamagata prefecture.  I love this part of Japan.  The snow, the onsen, the sake are all great.  I really get into merging these natural elements together.

The ultra light fruitiness of this sake goes well with the overall dynamic of what a sake from Yamagata prefecture is supposed to taste like.

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