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Enoshima Island

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There's a touristy little narrow strip of land with soaring cliffs that juts out in the sea called Enoshima Island.  Not only  is this a very popular spot for  cruising at night but for the early morning fishermen seeking their first  catch of the day. 

IMG_7544 (2)




Enoshima is also a touristy spot during the  peak summer season, though when I went it was 6am.    Most people start trickling in at around noonish and on a busy day like on weekends  you get throngs of tourist  descending down on this tiny little island  which is only about 4km in circumference.   I must've been here a dozen times and each time I go I always hike to the top( the island has escalators now) in order to enjoy nice views and to catch site of the island's thriving hawk population.  


This time around I didn't hike all the way up to the top, I just stayed around in the park below.


This chap was drinking a beer and listening to some  music by himself.  He must've been a construction worker I think.



This is the goddess of Enoshima, Benten, the goddess of music, poetry, learning, patron of children, protector of the nation, and is seen as one of the seven lucky gods.  She is also the only female among the seven!



There's nothing quite like taking it easy in a nice quiet park early in the morning.  No care in the world.   I'll do this again.  I'll head back down this way again next week.  Lovely way to relax and chill.


  1. I went there a few weeks ago on a Thursday so it wasn't too crowded. Very nice and a very nice lunch on Enoshima. I don't remember the name of the place. After climbing those stairs to the shrine I was dripping in sweat though.

  2. Tornadoes,

    Yes. the climb'll make you sweat real good. I know a few places up there that offer great lunch, views, and beer! I need to go back up there and make a list.




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