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江ノ島亭:Lunch on the Rocks!

Whenever I'm down this way in Enoshima I fancy me some sazae(栄螺), a turbo cooked in its own shell, according to the dictionary.  Many Japanese have popularized this shell as a sea creature demon in many of its manga( comics) and folklore tales of some strange creature demon that lives in the sea.   If it really  is a demon like the local folklore claims  then it sure as hell taste like heaven to me.




( One for me, and one for me).

The reason for blogging this particular place is because it was the first place I was taken to when I first arrived here in Japan, so lots of good memories were shared here.   Also, of all the restaurants on this island, this one has the best view and seating and is also the most spacious I think.   For sure, the view is very good on a clear day.   The restaurant's foundations is on a large rock encrustation that overlooks the Sagami Bay. 



The neat thing about this place are the large Hawks that fly so close by the window.    On a good day, clear weather, you can throw bread out the window  and a hawk will soar down and catch it with its mouth.   Timing is everything.

The address: 251-0036



                     電話:0466 22 9111


Getting will require a little walking up and down stairs.  Even if you take the escalator you'll still be required to use the stairs to get to this place.  

Simple pleasure.


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