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August: The Return of Souls

August is peak summer season in Japan.  We can look forward to some of the most spectacular fireworks displays and festivals in the world, ...


The title of this post was an invention by train enthusiast here in Japan.  In other words, geeks who love chasing, rubbing, and touching trains, and of course taking pictures with and of them!  Any kind of train, especially old ones.  Well, I'm that geek and I love me some train every now and then. 


Cold steel, smooth carriage, soft inside.  I love how the doors slide open.  Easy access baby.   Just the other day I was chasing one down around Hase Station.  She almost got away from me, but thanks to the Soul of Japan Bike she didn't.  I caught up to her with that 50cc.  The girls on the train went wild when they saw me looking cool and snapping pics with one hand and riding my bike with the other.


This country is the Mecca of trains, and the capital of bizarre and strange hobbies loved and admired by men of all ages.  The oldest I came across  was about 70.


It took me awhile to catch on to all the nostalgia, but it finally sunk in.   This summer should get a even crazier, and train chasers like me will get even bolder!


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