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Glass Bottom Boat: Feeding the Fish

I spend a lot of time eating fish, so now it’s time to give back by feeding the fish.  What better way than to take a cruise on a feeding boat with my 特別母!


The nice thing about this cruise is that below decks you can see fish, yes, that’s right, the bottom of the boat has windows you can see through.  


One of the nice things about this short cruise was that it was just right, no long drawn out explanations, just simple and to the point.  Our host was gracious and very knowledgeable about the Miura Peninsula.  


He gave us a brief history about the harbor and the feeding area we were headed to.   I think from port to feeding point was roughly 15 minutes.   As you can see this cruise is very popular with the aged.   I tend to follow them around as they know what's good to get into.   Trust me.


The helm area was cool to look at also.


Once we reached point we headed below deck.


I never knew blowfish and plaice were so cute when swimming through the ocean.    


When the feeding began everybody went gaga over all the fish.  It was very interesting.  


Japanese have so much appreciation for aquatic plants and animals.   I have also grown quite fond of animals since living here.   The seaman who lectured us topside was feeding the fish on both port and starboard sides of the boat.   Plus the boats cavitations stirred up the seabed which caused fish to swim around the boat to eat. 


Here you can see the fish food.  Guest are given an opportunity to throw food into the water. 


All and all, this was a nice little outing.  Some people got seasick.  The cruise lasted about 30 minutes, so not too long and not too short.  You felt you got your moneys worth.    I plan on exploring more of southern Miura in the near future.   In August this feeding boat tour gets full quickly.  We were lucky to grab tickets. 


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