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I've Got a Screamer!

So I've been the King of the Road now for a month with my  50cc master blaster sporting my super large Darth Vador/German war machine helmet and skeleton face mask.  I'm loving it. 


( Blade High Performance Series Muffler)

I finally got my call today that my new muffler had just arrived along with the weight rollers I had especially ordered. 

weight roller

( Old 53g weighted rollers.  Heavy on the clutch!)

Often times people forget to replace these little rollers in the clutch when installing a new  muffler.   These little things help distribute torque evenly to increase speed; the lighter the roller that faster you go.  Often times factory bought bikes will have 53g weighted rollers installed and then a high performance muffler which actually slows the bike down.   The ideal weight should be around 43g weighted rollers(six rollers), or roughly 7.5g per roller.  What this does to a two stroke engine is increase the speed significantly!   Perhaps the biggest enhancement to any bike that's either a 2 or a 4 stroke is the muffler and the rollers.


I just got back from a nice scream down route 1!  I was instantly impressed with the difference in performance.   Summer is here and I plan to make my presents known around Shonan and Enoshima. 


Just about every bike in this class in Japan has a high performance muffler.   Japan and Taiwan are the King of cool scooters and no better place to have one is right here in Japan where almost every road leads to somewhere and there being so many roads that lead to so many different places  This summer the beaches is where the actions going to be at for me, and with my bike it only makes things a bit more interesting.


Summer fun.


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