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Izu No Hu U Ka Mase: Mizu Manju

Izu , summer taste.

In my other post on mizu manju I highlight a favorite shop of mine in the Tohoku region that I used to frequent in between onsen stops some time ago. That shop was my favorite, and still is. Good food and good manju can be found anywhere in Japan, but I feel that some manju are worth mentioning. The picture below is one of them, a mizu manju from Mase Confectionary in Shizuoka prefecture.


music note While writing this, I was listening to "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" by Kanye West

Manju is a soft bean jam filled jelly treat that comes in various forms. The way I love eating these is when they are ice cold and on the rocks!




On sticky sultry summer days in Japan these slide down the throat well. Best if you use your fingers. Sometimes I see people trying to use chopsticks and it's hilarious.

The shops homepage is: http://www.mase-jp.com

The shop name is kou-nichi-ahn mase, and there're a few chains located through-out Shizuoka.

They have a very large selection of well made Japanese style confectionary for every season. Since I don't get out that way often enough, I just order from home. I had searched hard and wide for these and was not disappointed at all.

Summer does have a taste of its own. Ice cold melt in your mouth mizu manju!


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