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Add This to your Summer Drink List: Kiwi Yoghurt Liqueur

kiwi liqueur
On  hot humid summer nights like tonight, beer or Japanese sake usually hits the spot.  But tonight, I decided to switch over to Japanese liqueurs.  I have about three big hitters in my fridge right now, but for tonight I will highlight a delicious fruity summer treat called kiwi yoghurt liqueur, that's right, yoghurt liqueur!

Can you put together some of the flavor profiles in this drink?  Kiwi+yoghurt+citrus+Jasmine, and all over ice in a nice bell shaped Riedel glass.  It's creamy and green!  And it's got 7% alc.   I didn't know summer could taste so good.    This liqueur hails from Nara Prefecture deep in West Japan from Kitaoka Honten, and can be purchased from here

The Kiwi used for this liqueur are domestic and are not from New Zealand where they grow in abundance.  Typically, I am not really into to sweet drinks, but I cannot leave any stones unturned in Japan.  I must try everything.


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