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Kyougoku Natural Mineral Water

This is a well water, in Japanese well water is called " 鉱泉" or Kou-sen and I've been sitting on this box of water for a few days already.  I purchased it directly from the source from a small town called Kyougoku in the Abuta District on Japan's large northern island in Hokkaido which by the way is famed for its delicious seafood, and natural country beauty.  Acres and acres of farmland and cow grazing pastures as far as the human eye can see.  Where there's delicious water there's good sake, good food, and good onsen.

natural water

Near the foot of Mount Yotei there is a spring called Fukidashi Park that has delicious water that many Hokkaidoans travel to from all over the island.  The last time I was there was about 4 years ago on my way to Sapporo.  I remember it was an early Autumn afternoon so the water was especially cool and crisp.

I have several photos of this place , but decided to show you this pick.  I remember the water being so cold when it came down from this source and into my cup.  In the general vicinity of this area is the Kyougoku Springs area, but I highly recommend visiting this park instead if you have the time and a rental car because you can enjoy collecting as much water as you like from various different sources around the park. 


According to the box, this water is best used for making coffee, tea, and for boiling vegetables.  I love it just for the sake of drinking cold delicious water in the summer.

Again, another fantastic water pick.  What's next...?


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