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Misaki Tuna: Lunch

This trip will go down as one of my all time favorite lunch trips.  Nothing like jumping on the Express Keikyu Line and heading out to some sleepy little harbor at the extreme south of the Miura Peninsula - with my sweet mum of course.


[The Keikyu]


It'll be my second time journeying this far along the Miura peninsula.  Last time I was out this way I visited a great onsen called Aburatsubo.  This time around I wanted to make up for lost time, since last time I was out this way I didn't have a chance to enjoy delicious tuna.  There are few places where one can enjoy great tuna in Japan, Miura is one such place you can go to enjoy some fantastic tuna.


There was a slight overcast this afternoon, no worries, it's just water.  I wasn't going to miss out on a  great afternoon, plus it was Friday early morning.  The trip down was pleasant.  It took about 40 minutes from Yokohama station.   Once arriving at Misakiguchi station we hailed a taxi and rode it out to Sanwa port where my favorite revolving sushi shop is, and one that's fully noted in a number of foodie magazines for having some of the best fish.  



The place is called Sanwa and they specialize in brand named tuna called Misaki Maguro!  The first order of business was nihonshu, my Jukujo never goes for the beer and neither do I.  We ordered Japanese sake  and tuna immediately.



Akami - or red tuna. 


This lunch set was around 1000 yen miso soup included.


This is called an Ark Shell fish or red clam because it resembles the hull of a boat.  The Japanese call it Akagai and it's been a part of Japanese cuisines since old times.  Full of vitamin B, Taurine, and Calcium.  This shell can be enjoyed from Winter to Spring, and usually at this time its color is more red.  In the summer it begins to turn light red or white in color.  This is when it's most tender.  My favorite shell.

This video was shot by me using my iphone.  There's a brief explanation about about these two fish at the bottom of the video.  Supposedly rare, but delicious nevertheless.

Sushi and cold nihonshu go so well together!


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