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Mori Kara no Okurimono: Water

Gift from the forest is what this water is called and It's  from Miyazaki Prefecture, Ebino Kogen, Minami-Kyushu(southern Kyushu Island).   I received a 20 liter case of this delicious water a few days ago and am just now getting around to drinking it.  No fancy bottles this time, just a plain ordinary looking green and white cardboard box.   

First impressions were clean with a  medium hard texture, well balanced and easy to drink.   Summers are great and it's always interesting when I have a chance to discovered new water brands, not the usual Avian and Volvic water.  Onsen, like mineral water, are limitless natural assets this country has to offer.  For me, water is so important for everything; sake, onsen, and just plain drinking.  

mori water

My fridge has three compartment spaces so I stored this one in the middle, which is usually reserved for vegetables.   When you open the box there's a huge plastic container. 

mori water1

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I'm about at the half way mark.  I need to open up another box  but this time from Hokkaido.   So keep drinking out there.  Japan summer's are very hot and humid.


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