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Summer Delights in Kamakura

Observing the changing seasons in Japan is vital to understanding the natural ebb and flow of how things work in this country.   We can enjoy every season here, along with its bounty and delicious foods. 

Here in Kamakura there's a shop called " Kamakura Itoko" and it's famous for a delightful little treat called Kintsuba.  It's made of pumpkin and red beans covered in flour and sugar.  Quite simple actually.   It's mild and very easy to eat. 
Pumpkin sweets.   When I saw the word pumpkin I knew I needed to stop by and try one, plus there was a small line gathered outside.    Heard from a local Jukujo that this place was extremely popular with young people, so I checked it out.  Very short vid.

If you are in this area, and you are looking for something that's traditional and delicious I recommend this shop.  
There URL is: kamakura-itoko.com


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